Doubling Down On Modern Day Slavery

Don’t you get it? Jeff Sessions is an antebellum bigot whose agenda is to use the Department of Justice as a pipeline to provide modern day slaves to the new plantation system, privatized prisons. And you’d be surprised just what companies you hold near and dear profit from an increase prison slave-like labor force. At least 37 states have legalized the contracting of prison labor by private corporations that mount their operations inside state prisons. The list of such companies contains the cream of U.S. corporate society: IBM, Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, Wireless, Texas Instrument, Dell, Compaq, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Lucent Technologies, 3Com, Intel, Northern Telecom, TWA, Nordstrom’s, Revlon, Macy’s, Pierre Cardin, Target Stores, and many more.

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