Sperm bank mixup gives a white mother a black child

This is a problem no mother expects to have!

In 2011, Jennifer Cramblett wanted to have a baby. The Uniontown, Ohio woman and her life partner Amanda, chose to have the child through insemination and acquired donor sperm through the Midwest Sperm Bank. Cramblett is white and the donor sperm she was to acquire was also to be white. But the sperm bank made a mistake. Someone at the sperm bank misread donor #380 on a form and sent donor #330’s sperm. Donor #330 is black.

The mix up was detected while Cramblett was pregnant and wanted additional samples of the donor’s sperm to inseminate her partner Amanda, so that the child she was carrying would have a sibling. Reports appearing on NBCNews.com and in Crain’s Chicago Business say the sperm bank offered an apology and a refund for the additional order. But the realities of life in America makes this story particularly complicated.

Cramblett gave birth to her child, a daughter named Peyton who is now 2 years old. She says her bi-racial toddler will be stigmatized by her family and the “racially intolerant” town where they live. What’s more she says, is that she has to travel to the black side of town to get her child’s hair done.

Cramblett, however, wants to make it clear that she loves her baby daughter Payton. She says she bonded with her as she carried her for 9 months. Her lawyer Thomas Intili told NBC News, “”But she lives in an all-white community in eastern Ohio. She did not encounter any African-American people until she entered college. Not all her friends and family members are racially sensitive.”

No damages have been specified, but according to court papers quoted in the press, Cramblett seeks enough money to move from her current location to an area that is more diverse and has good schools.

Read the full story http://nbcnews.to/YNcNcy

One thought on “Sperm bank mixup gives a white mother a black child

  1. I sympathize with the family and would move to a more diverse community as soon as possible to insure that the child is raised in the most loving environment possible for all of them.


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