“The Black Balloon,” an allegory about diversity and inclusion

The Black Balloon, written and directed by Josh & Benny Safdie, produced and created by Andy Spade, is an allegory on diversity and inclusion. The write-up about the film says, “The Black Balloon, an alien in a crowded land, searches for some semblance of companionship after losing all of its friends.” It is a bright, warm and clever production. The ‘melting pot’ of New York City is the backdrop as a bunch of balloons headed for a birthday party is accidentally let loose. The lone black balloon is separated and floats from situation to situation looking for companionship. One such scene sets up a dialogue between an aged TV talk show host who is suspended for a racial slur against President Barack Obama and a young hipster producer. The black balloon somehow finds its way into the hands of this man, who talks to it about racial correctness as though it were a person who could help him get his job back.

This is a fun and thoughtful 21 minute short film that gives one plenty to think about. It is a selection from Vimeo’s ‘Editors Choice” series, produced in 2012.

2012 – Sundance Winner Jury Prize for Best U.S Fiction.

2012 – SXSW – Wolphin Award Prize

2012 – Piazza Grande Selection at the Locarno Film Festival


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