A new message graphically shows the NFL’s Washington team name to be ‘racist’

At what point do you concede that a name is hurtful, historically biased and perpetuates stereotypes? Sometimes you have to lay it out graphically to get people to understand that it is time to reconsider and get on the right side of history.

The Red Circle Agency and the National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media have taken that step, producing a strong new video that  lumps the team name into the same class of racial slurs as the n-word and other objectionable terms. The argument is, if certain slurs and profanity are banned from the public airwaves why is the Washington team name allowed to flourish?

In releasing the video on their YouTube channel, the coalition wrote:

“The word ‘redskins’ is racist and profane. Get involved by sharing this video with friends, letting the NFL and the Washington football team know what you think, or contacting the FCC and asking that the word ‘redskins’ be banned from the public airwaves.”


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