Thank you Justice Ginsburg for not leaving us yet!

I was greatly relieved this day back after the Thanksgiving holiday to read that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has returned to work after receiving a stent to relieve a blocked artery. Following the disastrous mid-term elections that gave the Senate to the GOP, I shutter to think what political horrors await President Obama if he even thought about a Supreme Court replacement. It would be a crowning middle finger, a sharp stick in the liberal eye and cold water on the smoldering flames of reason as Washington shuts down to debate and extinguish all hope that anything would get done until Mr. Obama is out of office. Then with Obama gone, the radical right would push their majority Senate to the brink, shifting what they call “the political middle” to the right of the 1960’s political landscape.

Justice Ginsburg is a rock star for women’s rights. She is the first Jewish woman on SCOTUS and has been an unabashedly open liberal. The 81-year old Justice battled for her place in 1950’s Harvard Law and after graduating top of her class at Columbia, worked as an ACLU attorney when doors were closed at the “white shoe” law firms. She is a passionate believer in women’s reproductive freedom, safe abortions and a woman’s right to chose. She believes that social equality for women is linked to a woman’s ability to control her body and her destiny. Even though she was yelled down in the Hobby Lobby ruling by an organized, well financed and rabidly irrational chorus of ultra-right wing men, her dissenting opinion, representing rational thought just might win out some day when Washington comes to its senses.

So what we face in the Supreme Court’s future can’t only hinge on the survival of one 81-year old justice, but a renewal of fresh blood on the bench. And people, with President Obama on his way out and a Congress unwilling to do anything this man proposes, blame yourselves for not going out on November 4th to assure your political will. For those who thought the mid-term elections were not important, I’ll leave you with this video message from #IfTheySpeakForMe:


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