There Is No Such Thing As A “Spoiler Alert!”

I have watched rants on Facebook and Twitter with great amusement lambasting people who are accused of violating the “spoiler alert” code. It appears that people who excitedly talk about the outcomes of their favorite TV series receive a barrage of negativity from people who chose not to watch that episode. This is particularly true when it comes to Game of Thrones!

It also difficult for people who have read the books not to reveal plot details. Since books often do not sync with the events that unfolded in an episode, book readers inadvertently reveal plot twist that are not in the episode being discussed. In reality, no matter where you go or where you turn, you are going to find out information you are hoping not to learn until you got in front of your DVR.

It is pretty close to unreasonable to expect that one could totally isolate themselves from any outcomes due to communications technology, production marketing, 24-hour cable channels and social media. Just think back years ago to how difficult it was not to know the outcome of a sporting event until you have watched the game on your VCR or Betamax? That difficulty is amplified 1000 times with all the information resources available today and social media’s ever present reach.

On Monday night the U.S. premiere of Game of Thrones season five took place in San Francisco, showing the opening episode “The Wars to Come.” It was described as very much an hour of setting up new conflicts and new challenges. G-O-T book readers in attendance said very little in the episode followed the book. These tend to be people who like to project the outcomes based on their knowledge of the book’s storylines. I predict that the book readers will actually have to make an appointment to watch this episode.


But I digress… I just want to put it out there that with the advent of a new season of G-O-T, there will be a new round of plot reveals and spoilers all over the internet, cable and broadcast TV, and there is very little that anyone can realistically do anything about it. People get excited and it is the nature of excitement and one-upmanship that prompts these spoiler type conversations.

So my message is this…. There is no such thing as a spoiler alert!. Everything you are trying not to know about any episode is going to be out there.In fact, the more interesting and exciting the presentation, the more information will be floating around just waiting to ruin your surprise. There is no way you can live in a bubble and totally disconnect from the reality that somebody out there is eager to talk about it. They might even consider you to be inconsiderate by not allowing them to do so.


And for you people with the “gift of blab,” to say “spoiler alert” and then go into your conversation is really a nice way of saying, “Screw you, watch the event live, read the book or disconnect from society until you get to your DVR!” People are going to talk about Game of Thrones to anyone and everyone who will engage them in the conversation. Sorry, in this case, spoiler alert is a myth!

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