Saying What Up to Sleepoverz First Troll

Internet trolls can be a nuisance! This blogger has a few choice words for them and a coping tactic to share…


I get push notifications on my phone any time there is activity on this blog. And though it’s infrequent, when I do get them I am happy. That’s why today I was surprised to get a really uninspired but hateful comment on this blog post. Given how generically ignorant the comment was, it could have been directed at any blog post or any blogger for that matter. Still for some bizarre reason it was left on something I wrote.

A lot has been written about trolls. About how the anonymity of the internet allows people to express their hatred in bold and adventurous ways. If you want to be a coward there are no shortage of outlets to vomit out your racist, misogynistic, violent and paranoid theories. Look in the comments of ANY YouTube video and you’ll see how little trolls care about context. That’s how you get comments about…

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