Saying the White House is Failing Does Not Necessarily Mean It’s True!  

The political silly season has been non-stop for President Barack Obama. What he has been able to accomplish despite political enemies who vowed at any cost to see him fail is somewhat remarkable. Now, the right is threatening to undo his successes in 2016 to the detriment of every American who is not in that super rich 1%.

Let us not forget that President Bill Clinton handed the George W. Bush White House a budget SURPLUS. In fact The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities wrote:

“If not for the Bush tax cuts, the deficit-financed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the effects of the worst recession since the Great Depression (including the cost of policymakers’ actions to combat it), we would not be facing these huge deficits in the near term. By themselves, in fact, the Bush tax cuts and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will account for almost half of the $20 trillion in debt that, under current policies, the nation will owe by 2019.”

You can take note that $20 trillion in debt can go a long way toward relieving some of the social ills of  our nation. Money spent on a war that has totally destabilized the middle east could have strengthened our highway and bridge infrastructure, easily paid for national health care, housed the homeless, fed the hungry and freed college students of the heavy yoke of debt.

I found this clip from NOW THIS NEWS to be quite revealing. The producers put together a point-counterpoint that  sets the record straight in little over a minute:


In case that’s not convincing enough, here are a few factoids:

Successful President

President Barack Obama Interview

President Barack Obama Interview

I have a novel idea! Our students are so deep in debt that many of them will NEVER own a home or live the so-called American Dream without going deep into credit default.  This loan bubble threatens higher education‘s financial wellbeing and is discouraging college attendance at large. With student loan debt said to be lower than $130 billion dollars, imagine if our politicians were quick to finance higher education with the same zeal they had for going to war!

When your adult kid has to move back into your house because of unrelenting debt, consider the $20 trillion spent on the wars that Barack Obama inherited. I’ll have more on that idea later!

One thought on “Saying the White House is Failing Does Not Necessarily Mean It’s True!  

  1. Exactly! But i dont see much being reversed in 2016, republicans took control last year cuz no one voted! Im 19 and most of my generation didnt vote in the midterm but 2016 is gonna be our first chance to elect a president and i like to think alot of us are progressive thinkers(although some are brainwashed by parents) who wont elect politicians whos focus is to make the very richest people richer


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