The British legal profession and its wigs

I am reblogging this cool piece on why wigs are worn in the British court system for all my lawyer friends out there.

Notes from the U.K.

Retirementally Challenged wants to know why British lawyers wear wigs in court. Her exact question involved the words “stupid white-haired wigs.”

Since I am (a) not a lawyer, (b) not, at least at the moment, a defendant, and (c) a galvanized rather than born-and-raised Brit, I’m the obvious person to answer this question.

In case you’ve never been in a British court and haven’t watched the right mix of TV shows, I should stop to tell you that in at least some courts British lawyers and judges both wear the most bizarre white wigs you’re likely to find outside (or inside, now that I stop to think about it) of a costume shop. They stand up in court looking as if some evil-haired little white critter had curled up on their heads and died there, and not one of them gets the giggles. You’d think one look at each other and…

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2 thoughts on “The British legal profession and its wigs

    • I have three female lawyers in my immediate family would would hate to have to wear that ugly white wig over their finely arranged coiffed hairdos! I was thinking of them as I also posted the blog on their Facebook pages. Hopefully we’ll hear from their colleagues!


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