Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Windsor…Winner in Life’s Lottery

I love babies! They are so cute, cuddly and adorable. So I’m excited that Charlotte Elizabeth Diana has come into this world. But I absolutely loath the fawning and breath holding that comes with the fact that this little cutie was born to the so called, “British Royal Family.”

As a matter of fact, I fail to see the excitement over the entire concept of “royalty.” Just because a few families got together centuries ago and decided they would propagate amongst themselves does not make their bloodlines special to me. We have that here in America and we call it inbreeding. If I live one thousand years and had as many offspring, not one of them would be considered royal by the British standard. Each one of my progenitors had to scrape and scratch on their own, and without the privilege of just being born.

To be “royal” you would have to be an ultimate winner in life’s lottery. A winner who is born to live the life of privilege on the backs of British taxpayers. And this is a lottery for which you would not be able to purchase a ticket. 2013 census numbers show that one baby is born in Britain every 40 seconds. But guess what folks, officials in Britain say that the high birth rate is due to mass immigration. There will be no royal babies among those immigrant kids! In 2013, 698,512 babies were born and survived in England and Wales. No special attention was paid to any of them. In their case, the concept of royalty only highlights the radical exclusion they will experience in their lives.

So congratulations sweet Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Windsor. It is my hope that you grow up worthy of all the unearned attention and privilege heaped upon you just because of your unattainable pedigree. Life is full of twists and turns, but at least for you, it will start off very, very good!

Lady Charlotte Montbatten-Windsor


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