Hey Media, Can We Go At Least One Week Without A Mention of Kim Kardashian?

My social media and email boxes are constantly being flooded with totally generic and unnecessary posts about Kim Kardashian. Nightly the broadcast entertainment shows are frenzied. For me, there should be higher standards to celebrity than just having a big butt and a smile!

We’ve literally already seen it all; selfies of her lips, selfies of her butt, Kim K naked, Kim K trying to set fashion trends. What’s there to follow? I’m not asking to totally disregard her existence. Just set some standards for Christ sake!

How about holding off until she writes something intellectually stimulating about life? What about waiting until she appears before the UN advocating against the child refugee problem on buried land mines? How about until she donates to villages in Africa so that children can have clean drinking water? Can we get a lucid opinion from her on the sustainability of California’s economy in light of the water crisis? I’m not looking for an op ed in the New York Times or even a TED talk on being a celebrity.  But at least from this point, make her earn your attention!

Even if the bar is not set that high, there have got to be  some boundaries!

Let’s move on people!


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