The Women of Algiers

I love the works of Picasso. He is one of those artists who, in broad strokes, can be understood and appreciated. So when the latest sale of one of his works went for a record $179.4 million dollars I was excited.

I was excited because as an “art hobbyist,” I admire that Picasso’s talent is valued so highly. But I was saddened by the fact that Picasso himself would not see that his work sold at a record $179.4 million dollars.

It got me to thinking about what it takes to #knowyourvalue. To be able to realize your value this lifetime and making sure it has worth something when you’re gone is added stress.

People talk about immortality and being “remembered.” There are many levels to that, but I truly believe people live on in the memories of those they touched. If you can be remembered to the tune of &179.4 million dollars, so much the better!

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