Beauty In The Eyes of the Beholder #WINNING!

“Night Park” a 24 x 32 work in oil by Dutch artist, Hans d’Hollosy.

This incredible piece of art by Hans d’Hollosy was the subject of a bet. My wife​ and I walked up on a garage sale in Cormack, NY last summer and there was a sign on this paining that said, “free!” I asked the home owner if that was true and he said, “Yep, take it!” So I picked it up and said,” WINNING!” With a sad face he told me that I just made him lose $20. His wife, on the other walked up with a great smile, put her hand out and said, “Pay up!”

I asked, “What just happened?”

Apparently, the husband hated the artwork. He said it was so ugly, that if he put it up for free, nobody would want it! I made him lose that bet.

The painting, “Night Park” created in 1988 by Dutch artist Hans d’Hollosy reminds me of a Jean-Michel Basquiat piece of abstract surrealism. It shows incredible creativity, and the textures and brushstrokes literally called to me!

I don’t know the value of “Night Park” is to anyone else. But to me, it is priceless! #Winning!

Reminds me of the work of Hans d'Hollosy.

Reminds me of the work of Hans d’Hollosy.

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