Keeping Love Alive, Episode #1114

Breakfast served lovingly in bed is a great way for your partner to start the day with love!

Breakfast served lovingly in bed is a great way for your partner to start the day with love!

So I’m sitting in front of the TV at 6am on a Saturday morning watching events unfold in the aftermath of the Friday the 13th terror attacks on Paris. My take away, as more horrible news unfolds, I can make a difference by really loving and enjoying everyone around me. The best way to combat evil is to be a better person to all those you encounter. That spirit emanates outward to the world. So I started today with this new spirit, and thought of how I can make my wife really enjoy her day. And this is where this story takes a turn!

I wanted to serve her breakfast in bed, so I went to the fridge and pulled out some nice lean bacon, a three cheese shredded mix, soft flour tortillas and assorted veggies including avocados for garnish. I wanted to make a highly produced bacon-cheese quesadilla made special on my waffle iron. Not particularly healthy, but incredibly tasty!

But then I thought about a conversation we had just the night before about eating for longevity. She said we should ban bacon, cheese and white flour from our diet. I though about how she goes to the gym often, counts calories and make affirmations each day, about how she was going to change her diet and how I should too. And we should do it for a long, happy, healthy life.

So I put the bacon and cheese back in the fridge and pulled out some nice, red plums, a giant Mutsu apple, two sweet clementines, and arranged them on a giant serving plate. I cut a rose and some flowery garnish from the bouquet I bought for her the night before, placed it in the middle of the plate and went upstairs to present her a health breakfast in bed.

The smile on her face, to start her day off was priceless. And I actually felt that single act, though small as it might be, released some beauty into the universe, which gets me back to the point…

We cannot control the evil and terrible events around us. But we can control our happiness and love. To live long, happily and with prosperity is in itself a battle against evil. And I am a soldier in that battle, one determined to make “goodness” the winner. Will you join me?


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