The Pioneers Of TV News Are Disappearing From Air!

In 1971 I entered CBS News as what was then called “Copy Boy” rolling and distributing news copy and getting lunches. That’s when I first met Charles Osgood. I was a 21-year old Fordham graduate. Ed Bradley, Richard C. Hottelet, Robert Trout, Christopher Glenn, Peter Kalischer, Alan Jackson, Dallas Townsend, and Charles Collingwood were among the great broadcast pioneers who frequented that newsroom. Charlie is one of the few from that generation who is still around and working.


Charles Osgood, by David Handschuh, New York Daily News Photographer and adjunct Professor of Photojournalism at NYU

In my career at CBS News I progressed to writing Charlie’s copy, and as fellow Trustees of Fordham University, shared lunches with him. Now comes word that the venerable Charles Osgood will be leaving CBS Sunday Morning, and facing an uncertain future.

I always appreciated the kindness and support of this classy man, but never missed the connection because I could always tune in Sunday mornings and get my Osgood fix! I’m pretty sure the millions of viewers who, although have not actually met or worked with Mr. Osgood, feel the same way. I hope he will continue with The Osgood File on The CBS Radio Network.

Regardless of CBS, and the decisions the managers there feel compelled to make, I’m not ready to let go of Charlie Osgood on the air! Television news is a small universe and I will be looking for Charlie’s wit, wisdom, and precious smile elsewhere on television. A fellow newsroom denizen, David Jackson (also the son of Alan Jackson) would always say, “The good will out!” I am pretty sure this will be the case when it comes to Charles Osgood!

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