SCOTUS: If it were me, I’d nominate, and you would too!

There is a lot of political hyperbole centered on whether President Barack Obama should nominate a replacement for deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. They argue that since he is in his final months at the White House the next President should have that “responsibility.” The Republican presidential candidates are framing an argument that Mr. Obama should not pursue a replacement. The Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already gone on record saying the Senate should not entertain a straight up or down vote on an Obama nominee.

President Obama might be in a win-win situation with a Supreme Court not having a conservative majority. Rulings on immigration, health care, female reproductive rights, labor unions affirmative action at universities and climate change are on the line and without Scalia, the prevailing feeling is there are now four liberals and four conservatives on the bench.

But politics aside, Barack Obama has a constitutional responsibility to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice. It’s his job!

So let’s flip the script… If the decision was yours, what would you do?

Admit it, you would follow though and present your nominee. Why? Because you would be compelled to do your job! It is a matter of personal ethics. And if you rise to the pinnacle of “role model,” you have an added responsibility of following through on your obligations. Young people are watching!

So what kind of an example is the President of the United States expected to set for you, your children and even his children?

I expect Mr. Obama to follow MY example and do his job… After all, I do mine!

Anyone who suggests that the President should NOT do his job is contributing to the dumbing down of America, a weakening of our moral fabric. The last thing America needs is more elected officials who shirk their duties with a slovenly work ethic. We already have enough of that!

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4 thoughts on “SCOTUS: If it were me, I’d nominate, and you would too!

    • Haha Jim! As you and I would work together, imagine what would NOT have gotten done if we left it up to those who followed us! I want our kids to be focused and have a strong sense of duty, commitment and business ethics. This IS what keeps America great. Is a government legitimate if its leaders advocate not doing their jobs? I don’t think so!


  1. When I first heard the political hyperbole after the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, it caused a small tremble in me. However I always revert back to, ”IT’S ALL TALK”. In following President Obama’s eight year track record, he will do his job and be obliged to select the new Supreme Court Justice Nominee, before his term ends. My question is, does the political hyperbole even understand the political process themselves. In my wishful thinking, the political hyperbole should be graded on their public media comments. if they contribute to the “dumbing down of America” process, they should be removed from their seat. The public is expected to do their jobs, and if they contribute to the failure of a process within a Corporation, they are reprimanded. The political establishment should fully understand the impacts of the Supreme Court, as it relates to the duties of the President, and most do. But some prefer to throw smoke screens all the while, American people are at stake. This type of behaviour is a part of the proble, and what lead the America’s political process into the turmoil that it is. Who is policing that?

    I read this this morning from a constituent::
    I’m not looking for likes but we do need to keep ourselves aware of the importance of who is appointed the next Supreme Court Justice seat. This court determines how our future is shaped for us, and more importantly our children. As we know this ultra conservative court has desemated the Voters Right Act to the point of rendering it obsolete, not to mention Bush v. Gore, where they stopped the counting of votes, and allowed the election to be stolen. This was the catalyst for the wars that we’re still fighting and losing soldiers. Also the worst economic disasters since the Great Depression. The Supreme Court Justices have lifetime appointments, so for most of us this will impact the way we live for the rest of our lives, while determining what kind of country we become. Our votes will be essential for how People of Color and All people achieve equality and fairness. This is one of those moments in history that we cannot afford to be complacent with. WE MUST MAKE OUR OUR VOICE HEARD.

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