My fitness bracelet brings me closer to my girl!

Jogging beauty (1)

I have a relatively adult family. My only child is a grown woman, and I miss her so much, even though she lives in Brooklyn and I live on Long Island just 50 miles away. As a baby and a young child we were very close. We would run and play together, her every step was consumed in my heart as a wonder of life. As she grew older, we continued to walk the same path, though when she went away for college and eventually moved away from our home, phone calls and frequent visits were a wonder and joy.

Her concerns for my health prompted her to gift, both her mother and me, fitness bracelets. She’d jokingly call us “Fatty McFatster” to egg us onto being conscious about our health and middle-aged weight gain. With the bracelets she challenges us to exercise duels. Though I am more aware now of how much food I consume, water I drink and sleep I get, I have not lost a single pound. I’m not obese by any measure, but I’m inching upward!

Still, I love the idea of that fitness bracelet and it has nothing to do with weigh loss. With the challenges and badges that are awarded, the online “cheering” when I accomplish a new milestone, I can see my daughter and my wife’s steps as they go through their day, living their lives in the times we are apart.

Whenever I get a notification that my daughter has accomplished 25 or 30-thousand steps, it is like a text message from universe telling me she is alive, that she is moving through the world. The confirmation of her motion tells me she exists not in the moment, but in the expanse of time and space, accomplishing transference of energy as she moves in the world. No matter when that happens, I re-calibrate my focus. It makes me stop and think about how much I love her, and how much of a wonder of life she continues to be.

Yeah, that fitness bracelet tells me all of that, and more. But more importantly, as a loving parent, it tells me she’s alive and healthy!

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