It’s a gift, of sorts, my “Gift of snorts!”

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One of my favorite conductors on the Long Island Railroad walked by me today, stopped and backed up. She turned to me and said, “It’s you! I hardly recognized you because usually this time you’d be passed out cold, asleep!” Yeah, I thought, “It’s a gift!” Then she looked at me with a certain gleam and started to giggle and walked off.

I know what the giggle was all about… I snore! Not always, but most of the time. Sometimes I snore softly at a murmur, other times loud like a raging bridge troll. It’s the curse that comes with my gift.

To be able to take a refreshing nap, for however long, regardless of the circumstances and quickly, is a gift. Ever since I could remember, whenever I got the chance to close my eyes for even five minutes, I would steal that little refreshing nap and wake up keen and sharp! The beauty of it is, all I have to do is THINK about sleep, and I could be there in 60 seconds. NICE!

But (and this is huge) if I am really, really tired, I will snore and that is my curse.

I used to think being able to nap as quickly was a gift from God. I thought the angels would say, “Will needs a reboot, let’s sprinkle some sleepy dust on his head and let him refresh!” But for those around me, it could be a gift from hell, where they are made to suffer.

I’ve got it under control at home. I have a bi-pap machine, which I take with me when I travel. I can’t imagine sleeping at night without it.

But my ability to take daytime naps is the gift that keeps on giving. I have learned to listen to my breathing, and when I hear myself, I wake myself up. That’s my way of giving back to those of you who hear my song!

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