Tim Kaine for President! The plan that has your back!


With all the talk focused on whether FBI Director James Comey should have waited until after the election to reveal the bureau’s investigation in the newly found Huma Abedin emails, some Republicans in the Senate have pre-judged Secretary Clinton and vow that if she is elected President, they would do their best to impeach her. This is parallel to the vows some Republicans made to block Barack Obama at every turn.

This has given Donald Trump and his surrogates a new line of attack saying if she is elected Mrs. Clinton will be criminally indicted.

Republicans, do your worst!

Many of my friends tell me it would be a travesty to allow this decades long witch hunt against Hillary Clinton to elevate a Donald Trump, who is a certified misogynist, racist, egoistic xenophobe to this nation’s highest office.

They are revolted by the  thought of a woefully unqualified opportunist in the personage of Donald Trump, becoming president of the United States. But  they cannot be cowed by the thought of a Hillary Clinton impeachment. Why? Because the next in line is Tim Kaine, and compared to Donald Trump, Kaine is a gift from God!

Just think about it! In Kaine is a man who is the embodiment of sacrifice, compassion, knowledge and level headedness. He is a former missionary who walks the path of high ethical and religious values. He is well liked and respected on both sides of the political aisle, and is not an embarrassment on the international stage.

So the latest Clinton email kerfuffle can only serve as voter suppression to those who are not thinking like this is a long-term political chess match. A checkmate of Hillary Clinton down the road would only lead to President Kaine! Even when her political enemies cloud her sky, there is a whole universe of daylight in electing Hillary for President on November 8.

So go ahead, pull that lever, punch that dot or pop that chad for Hillary Clinton at all cost. The Republicans may think they have the Democrat’s Queen in check, but there is still a king in play!


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