Entrepreneurs Are Being Deported — And They Might Be at the Center of America’s Coming Immigration Fight

That’s the headline in the March edition of Entrepreneur Magazine, followed by an account of the fears, concerns and frustrations of Alessandro Babini, a foreign born entrepreneur caught in the crossfire of Trump’s ham-handed immigration policies. It appears that there are no safeguards to protect the brain trust that took a leap of faith to come to America to help enhance our technological and entrepreneurial excellence. Babini, born in France of Italian-Lebanese decent, earned an MBA at MIT. His company, Human is brainstorming the next generation of fitness trackers that will enhance the wearer’s awareness of the body’s muscle functions.

But what is more important is Babini along with thousands of others came to create jobs, not take jobs. They are immigrant entrepreneurs. America has an untold number of them, who launch startups they may one day be deported away from. Here is some examples of immigrant entrepreneurs who have created companies many of you use every day:


You can read Entrepreneur Magazine’s full story here. 

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