Happy Holidays, I think?

It is just November 6, and Christmas commercials are already running on TV and in print media. So I guess it is not too early to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Though holiday commercialism appears to happen earlier and earlier each cycle, this year, I welcome the change in conversation. Why? Because slowly but surely, we are talking about family and holiday interactions and not Donald Trump!

To that end, I’m not going to post anything political beyond today because just the mere discussion of politics perpetuates the darkness wafting from Washington. Robert Muller, have at it! I trust you will do your thing without me egging you on and darkening my psyche in anticipation. Trump, go ahead and tweet all you want in wee hours of the morning while sitting on the toilet, I will not let you in!

I’m determined to have a happy holiday season, with conversations with my family about our happiness and solitary, and love. It is impossible to avoid the megalomaniacal musings of the guy in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but at my street address, he won’t exist in my lexicon until New Years Day.


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