More Guns, More Danger, Especially for People of Color

I’m just gonna point out how it will not make the public any safer, especially black men, if we moved toward a society where everyone was armed as a response to mass gun violence.

Do you remember Philado Castile, who July 6, 2016 told a Minneapolis police officer that he was armed with a legal hand gun, but was shot dead anyway in front of his girlfriend and her baby as he sat in a car?


Philano Castile

The next day, in Dallas, the first suspect in that deadly attack on police officers protecting a Black Lives Matter rally was Mark Hughes. Hughes is a black man who was marching with the protestors on July 7, 2016, with a long rifle. And because he had that weapon, he was miss-identified as the prime sniper suspect. His image was plastered all over the news and the internet by Dallas police for hours before it was determined that he was NOT the sniper. Bottom line is, in a situation like this, how can you tell who is the bad guy if everyone winds up shooting at each other?


Mark Hughes


Take it back to February 4, 1999 in NYC in when Amadou Diallo was shot dead by under cover cops who thought he had a gun? The cops unloaded 41 shots into the west African immigrant. Diallo, in reality, was tossing them his wallet because he believed he was being robbed by the four cops dressed in street clothes.


Amadou Diallo

Then there is this, a social experiment showing the police response to a black man openly carrying a long rifle versus a white man. You can play the Youtube video, but I guess you already know what the results will be.

I’m no “snowflake!” If you want to have a gun, fine! Do exercise your constitutional right. But don’t pretend that more guns is the answer. Common sense gun laws coupled with strict enforcement of gun regulations will save lives. Putting guns virtually everywhere, will not. It is an invitation to carnage and chaos on the streets.


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