One Song, “God Bless America,” Two Interpretations!

It’s about sincerity!  Potus made a big stink about the Philadelphia Eagles not showing up for his party and decided to disinvite them saying they did not respect the flag or the military. Never mind not a single Philadelphia Eagle took a knee during the national anthem last season. But the truth of the matter is Potus has made a shambles of the camaraderie and cohesion inherent in sports, and turned it into a political sham. That’s why the Eagles did not show up.

So in an effort to further attack the credibility of the Eagles, Trump decided to turn the White House Super Bowl celebration into a patriotic festival. But in a stunning reveal of his insincerity, he showed that he does not even know the words to “God Bless America.”

In stark contrast, here are children, sincerely singing “God Bless America” from the heart.

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