Now More Than Ever!

My world seems darker by the minute, as I watch the news and discuss the political state of this nation with friends and family. It seems as if even though we are on the same side of an idea, or agree on basic issues, the conversations end with anger toward those things that dominate our psyche. I don’t want polarized politics to dominate my conversations, but the various iterations of crazy politics seep in anyway. I don’t want to call my sister, or my wife to talk about political polarization that is standing in the way of better health care, or a feeling that out democracy can be preserved or even if I can pay my taxes, but in the end, that’s what we talk about.

Now more than ever, I find myself starting out conversations by agreeing NOT to let the politics of crazy town sully the happiness I expect in talking with my loved ones. How did we allow so much darkness to fall on our lives?

I always felt that people tend to get what they deserve, but I know I don’t deserve this!

Now more than ever we need to heighten awareness to the causes of our national pain. We were on our way toward a wonderful, inclusive and happy society, but as a nation we were bamboozled into accepting lies, normalizing bad behavior and not demanding the highest standards of humanity to guide us.

If a leading institution claims to be religious but dismisses immorality, stop following it. If a political leader claims to support your ideals, but behaves in a way that shames you, stop following that leader. If a political party turns away from delivering the basic needs of supporting your family, your living or your lifestyle, walk away and let them know.

Now more than ever it is up to each one of us to take back control of what makes us happy. We owe it to our friends, family and the people we love to chose love!

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