The Exit Interview

Subject: The Exit Interview—

I have an important announcement to make to my friends, family and colleagues. I have stepped back from the day-to-day professional world and am now a retiree! I am retired from NBC News and MSNBC following more than 52 years in News. I am blessed to have worked with the most creative and intellectually capable people on the planet, bringing history making, and life changing events to the public.

It has been a singular honor to lead many incredible journalists and news professionals of our day. I learned lessons in wisdom, passion and commitment from “greats” in the past that I paid forward in a selfless, supportive way.  I learned as much as I taught and laughed much more than I cried. I had the courage to show you my heart, and the strength to apologize when I was wrong. I endeavored in each assignment to be respectful of my colleagues, and a bright shining example of fairness and inclusion. It was my mission to be a passionate supporter of the First Amendment, as I was extremely grateful to be a part of something truly bigger than myself.

Folks have been asking me, “What are you going to do now?” I love the News business and will always be a journalist at heart. I’m just not practicing from a fixed location or getting out of my pajamas at an appointed time to do it. I’ve acquired quite a few skills in my five decades in the business and can’t wait to manifest them in new and different ways.

So, in true good business practice my friends, this is your opportunity to participate in my “exit interview”. There are still many ways that I can support and engage you. Let me know how I did by you, and what I can do to continue to be supportive. You can drop me a line at I ditched my old mobile number since it was overrun with spam bots, so send me a note and I’ll give you my phone contacts moving forward.

Now, I can finally write how I really feel on my WordPress blog, Wright Words. I’m still on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, so I will be keeping up with your journeys through life.

I know you all believe me when I say, “I love you and please stay in touch!”

Best regards,

Will J. Wright

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